Things I &hearts Thursday!

Cafe au lait is great! ♥

♥ Lists. ♥
♥ Traveling. ♥
♥ Chiffon Petticoats. ♥
♥ Holidays with Loved Ones. ♥
♥ Sleeping in. ♥
♥ Selling stuff on Etsy! ♥

Yes, I finally sold something on my Etsy site. I don't know if I have any of you to thank, but some lovely lady bought my Red Sweet Lolita Hair Bow and I'm going to ship it out in about an hour once I wake the boyfriend up. I hope she enjoys her purchase...I certainly enjoyed making it! And since it's red it'll look lovely in a holiday coordinate...assuming she's a Lolita of course. ^_^

I've decided to seriously look into petticoats. I've been getting away with my super super gathered underskirts long enough...I want POOF! And I'm gonna get it...in something that doesn't deflate like tulle. So I'm scouring Ebay for a just-shy-of-knee-length chiffon petticoat. I've found a few promising pieces in black for around $15 but we'll see. I'm waiting until after the holidays.

Speaking OF the upcoming holidays (and I don't mean Thanksgiving) I'm going to be spending it stateside in Minnesota with my family. This is going to be a great time to dress up in Lolita almost non-stop and show off to all my friends and family, most of whom have never seen me wear this stuff. My mom supports it though...she finds it a lot cuter than my previous sex kitten/Tripp pants Goth phase. I don't blame her, haha. It IS a lot cuter. I'm also hoping I can get my cousin to dress up with me. She'd probably die if I ever posted photos of her in it online though...I know all her "trendy" teenage friends would giggle....hmmm....tempting!

I plan to make myself a simple bonnet to wear today as well. I've got enough fabric I think, but no lace, so I'm just going to make a gathered ruffle edge on the brim. Should serve well enough for a trial run. I'm also going to line the inside with a very warm and kind of fuzzy fabric I have so it'll be a winter bonnet! Yay!

Well wish me luck with that and luck with making sure I can fit all my Lolita gear into my suitcase to drag on the Greyhound in a few weeks. Toodles!

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  1. Good luck with your petticoat endeavors! I'm hoping to make one out of chiffon at some point.
    Actually...I must confess the bow-purchaser was me (well, through my mom, who has a paypal account). heh ^^ I tried to send you a pm on here to let you know, but I don't know if it went thru. At any rate, I'm looking forward to my bow! I love how red it is. Red is always good. lol ^^