Sullying Lolita's Reputation

We all know the rules and boundaries of Lolita fashion. We know what makes something authentic in the subculture and what's "ita" or even worse...clearly a fetish costume. We swoon over antique and delicate laces, coo over nicely finished seams and embroidered roses or teacups, and spend hours lovingly smoothing out each wrinkle in our favorite dress or skirt. We know that Lolita isn't a fetish costume or something aimed at being provocative or *shudders* sexy. But the general public...doesn't.

And with all the Goth shops and websites jumping on the Lolita bandwagon these days, well some (if not most) are bound to get it wrong and therefore leave anyone with a sour taste in their mouth over the Lolita fashion. I'll prove it. Go to Ebay.com and type in "lolita dress" - go ahead. I'll wait. 

Now, how many results came back featuring frilly little maid costumes that seemed to jump out of the typical American male's wet dream? How many were mini dresses with oodles of scratchy lace or made out of some hideous satiny fabric? How many of these were clearly cosplay items?

And it gets worse. Take, for example, FuckTheMainstream.com - the little pet clothing shop of the VampireFreaks website and their lame excuse for Lolita:

Now,  I don't know about you, but I find this pink little mishmash of fabric to be rather ugly. Want to hear the item description:

"Awesomely adorable lolita style dress with short puffy sleeves, layered puffy skirt, lace edging, halterneck tie, ribbon bows and tie at back!Soft comfy cotton! "

And this dress retails normally for about $150. Get real!

They try to shake it up a little bit with some salvageable outerwear:

Well it's fully lined at least and the one review left on this item can account for it being warm enough, but I just don't understand the "gathered hem" and the awful corset lacing in back....

Currently on sale for $99 which I guess is cheaper than some Lolita winter coats....but I think I'd rather just snag something off Bodyline that give in to this.

Although...if one removes the silly ribbon bows on everything and fixes the hem it might be cute. Who knows.

On the upside, this shop DOES sell a buttload of Skelanimal items (which I find adorable!) and this darling little Rebel Bunny:

Tell me that isn't just precious! ^_^

He comes in a variety of colors actually and $30 isn't bad considering all the adornments.

However, Lolitas, I feel as though I've strayed rather far from my original topic. Oh yes...that all these silly Lolita attempts from novices are going to give the entire subculture's reputation a dirty name. As if we don't already have to fight about the origin of our fashion's name, now we'll have to tell people (politely of course) that the PVC maid costume with lace is NOT Lolita at all, even though the item title says it is. *sigh*

I just wish, if people were going to start selling Lolita items, that they'd take the time to research the style properly and try their very best to produce good quality items and not just slap bows and ribbons on everything and then call in Lolita. That is just sad.

So tell me, have you come across every stores or sites yourself selling supposed Lolita items that look nothing like Lolita?


  1. I hate it when that pink dress shows up in the sidebar on ebay! I actually own that coat in black xD Though I agree with you, the red one in the photo looks awful. It looks much better in person, not nearly so lumpy or wrinkly, the fabric holds it's shape well.

  2. is that model wearing *purple* lipstick?
    I don't even think that would work in a goth outfit unless done by someone who NO DOUBT knows exactly what they're doing o_O
    And yes, regarding sullying Lolita's reputation, my first dress was from Milanoo *GASP*. The dress itself wasn't that bad, but all of the other stuff I had to sift through to achieve a "not that bad" dress was sickening -.-

  3. $150 for that crummy pink thing? Not likely!
    The state of maisntream takes on Lolita fashion really is lamentable :(