Sewing on Saturdays

So in light of my recent Etsy sale (thank you, again) I have been inspired to make even more hair bows and things to sell. So last night I made another red hair bow with black zigzag top stitching for a punky look and today I made two different velvet/velveteen bows and attached cute little sparkly buttons on top for added elegance. When next I see proper daylight, I'll take some photos.

I can't remember if I mentioned making a trial bonnet or not, but I did in fact make one. If anyone's ever used that DeviantArt tutorial by...Saku, was it?....then you know how frickin' confusing that damn pattern is. Although, I think I figured it out now and so next time around it'll be perfect. As it stands, the current bonnet I have will look great on my teddy bear, haha!

Since I'm still in need of money (though no longer being threatened with life on the cold streets) I've decided to ad that Google Adsense thing to my blog. My brother put it on one of his old anime sites and I don't remember how much money he made on it, but I hope it gets me at least a few dollars a month. And I'm not pleading with any of you to randomly click ads, but if you feel so inclined....

That's all I have to say. Hope that you American Lolitas had a fantastic Thanksgiving and I know we're all looking forward to the winter holidays! *

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  1. You're welcome (again)! ^^ lol

    Those sound awesome--I'll look forward to pictures. I've been wanting to devote more time to crafting/sewing.
    I'm glad things worked out, at least partially. Oh, I might feel so inclined. ;)

    At least some of us are. ^^ I love winter, my home climate notwithstanding.