Of Gifts and Choices

I'm sure most of you have read my previous post by now and I have no desire whatsoever to go on about my problems, so let's have this entry be of a lighter-hearted nature. As it happens, my boyfriend's father offered to buy me a gift on my birthday and as I never found a truly desired item on that long ago October evening, he claims that his offer still stands. So this left me with a dilemma. Of which darling and wanted Lolita item would I spring for?

My first response, of course, was to scour Bodyline for anything that would fall within a decent price range and was something that I know I would enjoy wearing. I did find a few noteworthy items:

Of course, I also took a gander over at http://www.fanplusfriend.com/ and found a gem there as well:

So I'm a bit at a loss. I'm inclined to be my usual thrifty self and opt for something that falls underneath $100. It IS a gift after all. It would rude to automatically insist on the more expensive no? Maybe I was just raised to be humble, who knows?

So, Lolitas, I'm turning this over to you. Which should I choose?

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