I put a spell on you....


...And now you're mine!

So my Halloween was a little less eventful than some of yours, methinks. I didn't go to a nice party, or hang out with good friends. I didn't have the privilege of trick or treating like some of you. And since we only get basic cable (most of which is in French) I didn't even have any cool Halloween specials to watch.

But! It wasn't a total bust. My boy got Kiki's Delivery Service from the library and for the first time I got to watch it in Japanese and hear it with the original soundtrack. That was amazing. I also got to watch a few episodes from Season 4 Supernatural, including the one about the witch on Halloween summoning the demon "Sam-hain". I giggled so hard because not only did they pronounce Samhain wrong (several times) but they presented him as a demon. Which is funny. 

Samhain, pronounced Sow-in, is not a demon or a god. It's the old Celtic word for "summer's end" and refers to a harvest festival. The last one of the year before the coming of winter. It's also a time when the veil is thin and spirits freely pass over to our realm to visit loved ones.

That's pretty much where all the spooky and ghostly stuff about Halloween comes from.

So there's no entity called Samhain. The whole episode was just silly and painted witches like me in a bad light. Oh well.

Speaking of witches, I dressed up!

I was a Gothic Lolita Spider Witch. Kind of last minute and haphazard but it turned out well enough, lol

That's all folks. Hope you have a fantastic Halloween and Blessed Samhain!


  1. I looove your make-up! Sometimes quiet Halloweens are nice too.
    I actually just had to correct someone on how to say Samhain earlier today. Can't really blame them though, celtic/gaelic words definitely do not sound like how they look to an English speaking person xD

  2. Awesome makeup! So wonderfully creepy. ^^
    I love Kiki's Delivery Service--glad you got to watch it again.
    I'm ashamed to say that until recently I didn't realize that Samhain isn't pronounced how it looks. Then I was reading up on Irish spelling on a whim, and it dawned on me. ^^' lol