Things I &hearts Thursday

I've seen this done on a few other blogs, so in order to keep my posts regular, I'm going to start doing this as well.

Things I <3 this Thursday:

~Black Roses~

They're just so pretty and make a great motif in Gothic fashion. I'm even thinking about embroidering black roses onto a blue skirt I have. 

~Earl Grey Tea~

This is currently my favorite tea to sip. It has such a delightfully citrusy flavour and yet still maintains itself as a black tea. J'adore!

~Black Scarves~

I just recently finished up a black scarf I was crocheting and now I can't wait to coordinate it with something. I wish I had made mine longer. (photo is not my scarf, lol)

~Pumpkin Pie~

It's the perfect season for Pumpkin Pie and it's really one of my favorite flavours. My boyfriend's mom recently baked me a pumpkin pie and it's sooo yummy!


I want one. I want one so bad. Especially of this kind of Gothic and medeival variety. So gorgeous!

~And of course....Halloween!~


  1. I agree with all of the above! (especially pumpkin pie, yum <3)

  2. Black roses are one of my absolute favorite things too. ^^
    And that candelabra is gorgeous. I love chandeliers too, but I suppose candelabras are easier to install... lol