A merry weekend

So I had a grand weekend!

On Sunday evening, the boy and I went over to his dad's place to watch films, since he'd recently purchased a bunch of Blu-Rays.  We settled in for a night of Mortal Kombat and 007: Casino Royale after digging in to a feast of filet mignon and rice. With apple cake and ice cream for dessert.

I dressed up again, this time in my H.naoto replica. As promised I gave it a while with that white cardigan I got at the thrift store and I'm rather impressed with how it all turned out. A different hairstyle perhaps...but I DID get dressed in under 10 minutes so give me a break! ^_^

Excuse my "derp" face....the boy was taking his sweet time trying to figure out my camera before we had to dash outside and leave. It's not enough that I have all the settings sorted out for him....nooooo. Oh well....at least I have a full body shot.
Next time I'm rocking curls with this outfit. Or something.

Stay tuned for the 20th....I'm going to be featuring Taeden Hall from Gloomth and I have an exclusive interview from her! Ta ta~


  1. Nice out fit. It kind of reminds me of winter while still being gothy. lol
    I'll be looking forward to the interview. ^^

  2. Do you own any clothing from Gloomth? I've been back and forth about ordering from them for awhile, but want opinions before I do. Unfortunately the reviews on egl say that the quality is poor and they fall apart quickly. But I've never talked to someone who actually owns a piece, so I still wonder.