Lolita Pet Peeves

Since everyone else has jumped on this bandwagon, I decided that I shall also make a post of my Lolita pet peeves. Now I just need to figure out what they are...*scratches head*

1.) Lack of proper head-gear or just bad hairstyling - Don't get me wrong...sleek and straight hair can look great with Lolita, especially in Gothic. ^_^ But when you throw on your best dress, two super fluffy petticoats, and a million pieces of jewelery...and forget to do anything with your hair it just looks off. Sometimes all it takes is running a brush through your locks and clipping on a super pretty flower or bow.

2.) Bulky Lolita - Okay, I get it. It's cold and you want to wear your Lolita out and about. So you put on a blouse, slip a JSK over that, tights and the whole shebang...and then you just throw any random sweater or cardigan over it. It looks bulky. It looks shapeless. It looks sloppy. Please do us all a favor and buy yourself a nice Lolita coat or a proper cardigan.

3.) Black shoes in an all white or pastel outfit. Just don't, please. Go to Wal-mart and buy a pair of matching flats or something if you absolutely have no other options besides your black RHS. It's a temporary solution and we'll give you props for making the attempt, at least.

4.) Short skirts - I know, they just don't make 'em like they used to eh? When I look at all these lolita coordinates on LJ I find more and more that I'm seeing a lot of thigh. I hardly find this to be modest or Lolita appropriate at all. What happened to the days of knee-length or "just" above?

5.) Cheap wigs - Wigs seem to be all the rage in Lolita right now. Especially in the sweet set. The bigger and brighter, the better. Which is all well and good (albeit completely LAZY) but I've been seeing some really awful cheap wigs on some of these girls. We're talking frizzy Halloween store cheap. I figure, if you're going through the trouble to cover up your apparently awful real hair...at least take the time to select a good quality wig.

So there's mine! I hope I didn't come across as too snarky. I'm actually in a good mood tonight!

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