Interview with Taeden Hall from Gloomth!

Gloomth is a clothing label specializing in unique apparel and
accessories. Gloomth is the answer for someone looking for a truly
luxury interpretation of the darker side of life. Ideal for a customer
with an eye for design and a thirst for quality. Our pieces are produced
in extremely limited quantities, and cannot be found elsewhere-online or in a retail environment.


Taeden Hall of Gloomth

 1.) What inspired Gloomth?

I was inspired to start Gloomth as I had recently relocated to another city and was going crazy working crappy part time jobs after graduating university. I started making and altering clothes and selling them on ebay to cover my bills and before long had a fan base and a website. So I suppose poverty and frustration, and the misguided belief that being educated means not working the jobs you wouldn’t even do in high school.

2.) Did you go to school for fashion design or learn on your own?

I actually went to school for Illustration but fashion has been an addiction of mine for many years. My mother taught me to sew when I was fairly young as we lived in a remote area and there was nowhere to find the crazy clothes I wanted, so I had to make them. This is, of course, before the internet and alternative mail-order catalogues definitely didn’t reach my hands.

3.) What is your design process like, from start to finish?

Fairly disorganized. We are always working on new designs, things get started and then redrafted and changed over and over. Our studio always has in process designs hanging out, some get ignored or put on the back burner for ages. Usually it starts with either fabric or an idea, I’ll get inspired by something I would like to see in our photos or wish I had in my own closet and then start sketching. My Head of Production and I sit down with my sketches and discuss how we could turn it into a pattern, usually over wine and lunch, and then we’ll make a rough sample together. Then after deciding on changes we will make a proper one and photograph it. Et voila! The whole process can take about a month if we hurry.

4.) Fashion-wise, are there are any particular brands or styles that inspire you?

I’m personally all over the board with my own fashion preferences. As for brands I love Balenciaga, especially their tattered work from the 90s, and a whole list of high fashion labels. I personally wear everything, I’m not snotty about brands. I love anything dramatic or romantic, decaying fabrics, or elegant eras.

5.) What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own clothing line?

Do your research. It sounds like this really great fun job but 99% of the time you really aren’t doing creative design stuff. It’s very hard work, and you have to have your whole ass in at all times- and though you might think that’s easy it’s not. Anyone who tells you it’s easy is a big liar. You have to be extremely good at time management and managing people and taxes and understanding budgets etc. I would highly recommend some kind of business schooling, even just a semester’s management class, as there are things you simply can’t learn on the fly without fucking up more than a few times.

6.) Define your personal style? What do you wear regularly?

Oh geez. How the hell does one do that? I hate labels, honestly, I don’t want to wear a uniform which would fit me as “goth” or “punk” or whatever. That’s not who I am, I’m not one thing all the time constantly in perpetuity. Is anyone? As for my style right now- I’d say dramatic maybe with a touch of sarcasm. Silver hand-studded chucks with my favorite loli dress or a scarf made out of old shirts and a blouse made from a wedding dress. I love dramatic clothing and hats, mixing textures, and vintage pieces. Clothing with a story inspires me greatly. I pretty much only wear black, the closest “definition” for my style is probably classic goth or punk- but those labels aren’t anywhere near what they were when they started so it’s hard to classify.

7.) When not creating gorgeous pieces of clothing, how do you spend your time?

I work a lot. Gloomth is my little monster and it’s a full time gig. When I’m not working or sleeping I like to spend time with my friends, I write a bit, make crafts for myself and friends, I draw dumb pictures, and I’m a huge music nerd so I attend enough concerts to make sure I remain half deaf most of the time.


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  1. Thanks for posting. I've heard a lot about Gloomth's clothing so it was an interesting read.

  2. Gloomth makes wearing clothes delightful! I dont like lolita brands that make you feel you all have to look the same or you are not wearing it correctly! It is more fun to explore your own unique personal style.