Happy Halloween

Sharing a great Halloween look I found on Youtube with all of you. I intend to do a similar look, only in an orange colorway tomorrow with my Lolita Witch costume!

So what is everyone wearing for Halloween and what are your plans?

As for me, I intend to wake up and eat something. Probably an apple since they're traditionally a Samhain/Halloween food. Then I'll do my hair and makeup...I'm still at odds about a hairstyle. Curly pigtails? Teased pigtails? Curly teased pigtails? No pigtails....I have no clue haha~!

Then I'll head out to take some pics of the local park and foresty areas and maybe get some shots of my costume. That's only if it's not raining, it's supposed to be disgusting tomorrow.  Which is terribly unfortunate.

And I suppose I'll watch a bunch of supernatural and witchy films with the boy, listen to some awesome Halloween Carols I found over at HalloweenCarols.com and then around midnight I'll hold my Samhain ritual. 

Of course, this will require showering and scrubbing off my makeup to get into my white ritual dress. ^_^

As you can see, I have no major plans for Halloween and I'll be staying in during the day and night, mostly. So let me live vicariously through you. Tell me all of your plans!

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  1. That's amazing makeup. You must show us pictures of your costume! :D I mostly just walked around with my sisters and a couple of neighborhood kids as they were trick or treating. Now I need to recover from all the sewing I did this week. lol