Halloween Lolita

Peter Peter pumpkin eater,
Had a wife and couldn't keep her!
He put her in a pumpkin shell,
And there he kept her very well!


So Halloween is fast approaching; are you prepared? Have you gotten your jack-o-lantern carved yet? Thought about a Silent Supper menu? Stocked up on candy for all those adorable trick-or-treaters? Or....most importantly...have you decided on a costume?

I have done none of those things yet. I admit, I'm quite lazy and I really SHOULD look into getting a pumpkin to carve.  It's great fun and I look forward to roasting the seeds as well.  And once Samhain passes, I can chop it up and make all kinds of delicious things with the meat. ^_^

Since we won't be having trick-or-treaters (boo) in our little apartment complex there's no sense in stocking up on candy. I certainly won't eat most of it, unless it's gummies, so a lot will be wasted. More than likely, the boy will buy candy after Halloween so he can hit the sales.

How very economical of him.

I won't bore you with the details of my Samhain ritual so let's move along to the most exciting topic in store for tonight.

Costumes! Yes, they certainly are important here and for many reasons. How many of us Lolitas try to work in a frilly aspect to whatever costume we choose? I know that I do. Last year I wore probably my cheapest (and most ita) dress to conjure up a dead dolly look and it was fantastic. This year, I intend to be a witch, but I will be wearing full blown Lolita. Pop on some cute Halloween socks, a mini witch hat and spooky makeup....et voila! Lolita Witch. I could also invest in one of those cheap costume shop brooms as well and decorate it with bows and lace. 

That actually sounds quite adorable! I may do so!

So tell me, do you intend to wear Lolita for halloween and in what ways will you "spook-ify" your coordinate?


  1. Sound fantastic. ^^ I considered wearing lolita, but I only have one finished skirt and I would have had to sew like the wind on my upcoming skirt.
    So I'm going to as a character from a song by Lareine, one of my favorite Jrock bands. The song is Kyokutou no Koibito, and the character sounds like she could be a version of Sleeping Beauty, but with black roses twined through her hair. I love black roses (and Sleeping Beauty), so it seemed like a perfect choice! ;D

  2. That sounds lovely DuskRose...I'll look forward to pictures!