Getting Crafty!

So I love the skirt this little girl in the image is wearing. I wish I could find a similar fabric. That being said...I really like her hat too.

I've been a crafty witch today *cackles* and I sewed up three more mini witch hats to toss onto Etsy. I'll probably do that tomorrow once I can take photos of them in good light. Stay tuned for that!

And because I had some extra black fabric left over, I made a pair of black bloomers.

For a base, I used a pair of boxer shorts and traced around them. I sewed up the inside of the legs, attached  the two sides and added elastic in the legs and waistband. Et voila~ bloomers!

Certainly a LOT cheaper than going out and buying a pair, although I'm sure I could find prettier ones. Once I get some nice lace, I'll make cuter drawers and bloomers to wear. I really like the idea of lacy bloomers peaking out from beneath a skirt! ^_^

Tomorrow is our joint birthday dinner for Louise (the boy's mom) and me. I have no idea what the main meal will be, but I'm looking forward to the apple-raisin-pumpkin pie Louise is making. And I get to give her the witch hat I sewed up for her. It's probably the nicest one I made...since I wanted it to be really special and I know she has high standards. >.< I just hope she likes it.

And I'm not wearing Lolita. I don't think Louise's boyfriend Richard has seen me outside of it yet, so I figured I would dress a bit classier and mainstream. I'm opting for a cute mini sweater dress and black tights. Might to do some smokey eye makeup as well. Fun stuff eh?

Hope you all have a great weekend!
~Bye Bye!~

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