Bonne Fête, Ma Cousine!

Since it's officially Sunday now, here's a shout-out to my cousin Kelley who's turning 15 today. Boy, I don't envy her. I hated being 15...all awkward and caught between childhood and....sex. No kidding. I guess that's "the age" when you're supposed to have lost your virginity by now.

But I have no intentions of speculating further on that topic. I dressed up today:

Bah...I look like crap. And my camera totally sucks...I'm thinking of buying a new one should I decide to sell the junk I have now. But it's just not worth it currently, because it's SOOO good for photos up close.

See? Look how flawless my skin appears. Look how richly hued my crimped hair is. And are you digging that witch hat? Oh yeah..../sarcasm. Actually....I tweaked this photo a bit because it's now one of the photos displaying my witchy creations on Etsy.

Yeah...and I'm wearing no makeup. Crazy right?

I think I'll dress up again tomorrow as well. I've got a cool blouse/cardigan thing I want to give a try underneath my H.naoto replica dress. Might be funky. Stay tuned.

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