New Moitie Items (and why I do or do not like them)

CDJapan.co.jp isn't a site I browse very often, mostly because it never holds anything of interest to me. And if it does, anything on it is far out of my price range. But for kicks, I decided to give it a go and peruse the new Moitie items that have been added.

So here's my commentary on a few of them:

Asymmetry Corset Skirt:

This gets an A+ from me! I love asymmetry, I think it's really fun. And naturally, it's featured in Mana's standard blue and black color scheme.

The corset lacing isn't too wide (although a matching blue lace would be preferable) and it just drapes so nicely. *drools*

But for $400 American dollars....I think I could create something similar myself for a lot less.

High Necked Frill Blouse:

I adore these kinds of blouses...I really do. The detail is stunning. The ruffles on the front of the blouse may be a bit over the top, but they look evenly spaced and not sloppy at all.

The sleeves are great, in my opinion. I'm not sure if it's gathered or elastic, but I just know that it would be tough for me to get something to look that good.

For just under $190, this might be passable.

Holy Cross Gathered One Piece:

I opted to put up the photo for the white version, because honestly I thought the two black version were silly looking. I'm not normally a fan of this type of skirt, but on white it looks a lot less noticeable.

This dress has such a delicate feel to it, I can almost reason chucking out $460 for it. Almost.

Cross Lace Bolero:

Hurrah, more of the infamous cross lace. I think this is probably the prettiest bolero I've ever seen though. It looks very delicate and beautiful and I can see myself wearing it with more than just Lolita.

And...it's under $200....so perhaps it'll go on my X-mas List?

So that was me having a bit of a go at Mana's line...even though I'm not actually that fond of it. What are you favorite Moitie pieces?

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