Otakuthon 2010

Otakuthon starts officially tomorrow, but for me it begins today. As a guest liaison, I am expected to arrive sometime today and pick up my staff badge. Then I have to meet fellow staff member, Scott, at the Holiday Inn next to the Palais des congrès de Montréal so we can go to the airport and pick up my guests Sara E. Mayhew and Quinton Flynn. Joy.

So I figure, what better way to stave off some of my anxiety and get into a good mood than by dressing up a bit? I think I'm gonna play it safe today and go with a country lolita/natural kei look. So yeah...that includes my beige self-made OP. I'm gonna dress it up a bit more though of course.

I'll take photos of my days of dress-up at the convention, since I expect to be either in Lolita or some form of boy-style all three "official" days. I won't post them until after the weekend though, so stay tuned on either Monday or Tuesday for a recap of Otakuthon 2010 and photos!

Au revoir!

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