Gothic, I swear I haven't left you....

....But I think we need a break~!

See, the deal is this: I've been making a lot of hair bows recently and those are decidedly Sweet. Even if they're black. So am I developing an affair with Sweet Lolita? Maybe, maybe not.

But I did just make this today:

So you tell me...

Either way, you will never see me in Angelic Pretty.

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  1. As a fellow goth loli, I'm relieved to hear you haven't tired of us! XD I totally understand how it is to develop new interests that you want to pursue for a while, without giving up the old.
    Very strangely, I have recently found myself admiring a few of AP's less pastel prints, tho. o.O lol (Marionette Girl and--I admit it--Melty Choc.)
    Anyway, that's a very pretty bow! Currently I'm expanding my wardrobe by sewing as well. Power to the sewing lolis! :D