Finished Skirt...what the hell do I wear with red?!

So, it's finally finished!

My red, two-tiered, elastic waist, Lolita skirt.
Pretty simple right?

And with flash.....


Wearing it at my natural waist, it comes down to end just after my knee. I imagine with a super full petticoat, it'll be much shorter. But it's very simple and will work great in a toned down classic coordinate or as an underskirt.

Thing is, I don't wear red. I love it, but I don't think it suits either my skin tone or hair color. And I have absolutely no red accessories...not any that match well at least.

So I'm probably gonna sell this skirt. Consider this post a listing...and you guys get first dibs if you want it. I reckon $20 is a fair price and shipping will depend on your region of the world of course.

(The side seams are unfinished but it doesn't look likely to unravel any time soon.)

I also managed to get some photos of my Friday coordinate after Otakuthon, but they look pretty shoddy. Oh well:

Up above I had curls and a handmade headdress thingy and below just a pair of black stockings and ballet flats. I can't believe I forgot to remove my Otakuthon staff badge before taking a photo though. >_< Durr!!

Tomorrow is the staff BBQ for Otakuthon. Any ideas on what I should wear?

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