Adding to my Wardrobe

Remember that one Aristocrat blouse I posted like a million entries ago from some Ebay store? Well, I finally got it! I managed to talk my boyfriend into using his Paypal account to order me some clothing, since the blouse was on sale again. Not only that, but he was also kind enough to buy me a pair of Rocking Horse Shoes from ling_lam (aka Little Chili Lolita Shop) and a Wa-Lolita ensemble. I'm quite over the moon about it!

People don't give enough credit to some of these Ebay shops and Chinese brands. I'm going to make a point of doing some reviews on EGL when my stuff arrives. I really want to paint the Punk Rave brand in a brighter color so more people will realize that not all brands outside of Japan are shit. Because they aren't.

More good news too. I finally finished my casual classic Lolita dress in the beige fabric. A few more touchups wouldn't hurt but it's totally wearable at this point. I should probably coordinate it and take a few photos.

I also started work on a red two-tiered skirt from some gorgeous red fabric I happened to find when our neighbors downstairs moved out. Lucky me! Last night I gathered and sewed on the bottom tier and began attaching the elasticized waistband. Tomorrow I will finish that part up, sew up the sides and do the hem.

My sewing is still nowhere near perfect, but I figure with more practice and experimentation I'll get much better.

So tell me about your first few sewing projects. What did you make and how did it turn out?

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  1. I'm currently working on my first skirt, as well as (very soon) a petticoat and bloomers. I've watched my mom sew for years, but my first sewing projects have basically coincided with my induction into lolita.
    I'm always glad to hear about the projects of other sewing lolis, so do post pictures when you can!