My my, how exciting!

Lookie lookie!!! I found this gorgeous blogger template just moments ago and decided to give it a whirl. I'm so in love with it...I just adore the dark and floral stuff! ^_^

Okay, all silliness aside, I really have not much to say.

Nevermind, yes I do!!

I'm not entirely sure what, I'll blame Lugh, but something has spurred me into taking up crochet again. I have a big ball of cheap black yarn and at least three different sized hooks, so I plucked the biggest hook I could find and a Youtube tutorial and set to making a black scarf using Triple-Stitch crochet. So far so good, but my fingers hurt something awful. *pouts*

I got about five rows down so far and I'll continue tomorrow. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to crochet left-handed.

In other news, Bodyline has included some new items that I'm actually quite thrilled about. I only check their website maybe once a month to see if there's anything worth paying shipping for, but I'm usually sorely disappointed. They always have a surplus of sweet and classic items, but they run a little low on anything decently Gothic. Until now that is....

Behold, the glorious Victorian-ism of it! It's got everything I love; a bib front, a jabot, buttons, a bustle...it's almost a maid look and yet not. More of "victorian schoolgirl" if I had to pin a label to it. The fact that it comes with a matching hairpiece kind of seals the deal for me.

Now if only I can convince my boyfriend that I really really need it, oh ho ho~

Other noteable pieces:

I'm also currently in the market for a pair of Rocking Horse Shoes. Even if I order now I won't count on them getting here in time for Otakuthon, but at least I'll have them when my birthday rolls around in October. I settled on Ling_Lam mostly because I hear good things about and also because there's something else I'm getting off her store so I'm all for the combined shipping. ^_^

I know there probably aren't many Pagan Lolitas and I doubt if there are that they read this blog, but I want to wish everyone a Blessed Lughnasadh this August 1st.

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