My Muse

You know, sometimes you need a little inspiration when it comes to fashion. Especially Lolita fashion, I think. I browse through a lot of online Lolita communities and look through a lot of photos, and it seems to be that a lot of people are relatively "safe" in the way they coordinate their outfits. Is this because Lolita can be a sometimes rigid fashion or is it because they're afraid of breaking the mold in the event that they look terrible?

I, for one, am not afraid of experimenting and I have found a new muse to assist me in creating some interesting future looks.

Her name is Kerli, for those of you who are not familiar with her. She's a singer from Estonia who has gotten popular recently in the West. She has a song on the Alice in Wonderland album and a video to go along with it, where she displays her penchant for extravagant costumes and a like for Rococo France methinks. Behold:

Kerli has a lot of looks that could be classified as Lolita-inspired, so it's kind of ironic that I'd be interested in her looks to recreate my own Lolita outfits, but heck! Whatever works right?

Anyways, she's known for lots of wild yet dark makeup, mini hats, straight hair, and other gothy accessories. Her looks are outrageous but classy at the same time and I hope to emulate some of them.

Here are some photo examples. Spot the Lolita influences if you please!

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  1. I love her style as well. She takes something and make it her own. I also really enjoy her music so it helps with the love