Long time, no Lolita

Firstly, I want to apologize for how seldom this blog is updated. It just seems that I rarely have anything useful or interesting to say about the Lolita fashion and I truthfully haven't been wearing it lately. I would like to though, but this current heat is nearly unbearable.

Alright then, lets talk about Lolita in summer. For most of us, we live in climates that can be quite warm during certain months. Even though I'm in Montreal, summers can be sweltering. So what's a Lolita to do? Well in my case, I simply don't wear Lolita because everything I own is black and that's not very comfortable when the hot sun is beating down on you.

Some of you opt for lighter colored dresses or JSKs without blouses. Perfectly acceptable I think. If I had a normal JSK I would totally wear it, sans petticoat as well. Another Lolita faux pas!

I keep wondering how a Gothic Lolita survives summer. I can barely survive it with shorts and a tank top. I'm picturing black JSKs without blouses, breathable stockings of some sort, parasols, simple hair pieces...and probably a lot less makeup than usual.
Oh yes, I imagine parasols are a necessity! I really wish I had one.

Okay, I believe I have found an acceptable Gothic Lolita coordinate for summer. I could see myself wearing something similar!:

No blouse, no socks even, and it still looks Lolita to me!

Okay, I have officially cheered myself up so I'm going to conclude this blog and go plot my own JSK design that I can make.

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  1. Oh whoah! The dress is lovely :) It looks great on you! And it's so poofy, I am envious of your paleness o__O!

    It does look Lolita! And hey...it's summer, right? I don't think any lolis want any other lolis burning alive under this heat. :3