Montreal Meetups. Do they happen?

So, once upon a time Montreal held a huge meetup for it's gigantic Lolita community. Actually, it really wasn't all that long ago. It was just last year sometime. A couple people that I know went to it...but unfortunately I didn't hear about it in time and even if I had I'm not sure I would have gone.

I've never been to a meetup. Why, you ask? Well, I live in Montreal and I don't speak French. At all. This proves problematic since a good portion of the Montreal Lolita community is primarily French. I know, I know, I ought to just suck it up and learn the language - but it's hard!

Anyways, I'm getting back to the point now. I've only ever heard of that one Lolita meetup. It seems they just don't happen anymore. Sure there's still QC-Harajuku, but why would I want to spend the night at a club full of cosplayers and weaboos? I put up with enough of that craziness at Otakuthon once a year and that's more than enough. I want a strictly Lolita gathering to attend.

Should I host my own?

Honestly, I would love to. Something small and cozy in Old Montreal, I could invite the few Lolita friends I have and tell them to bring some people along....I work better in smaller groups anyways. But you know, even though my few loli-pals speak English to me, they don't with each other. And thus I get left out of many a conversation.

How lame am I?

Any help from the Lolita community?


  1. Hello I'm one of the Montreal lolitas. I just happenned to find your blog. (I'm FallenPrincess on QC Harajuku)

    You should not be afraid of the lolita community in Montreal, we have a few lolitas that only speak english and they kind of stick together during meetings. Also a lot of the lolitas speak some english or are bilingual so I'm sure you could work something out.

    Of course you could do a smaller meeting with a select few, but it would be a shame to miss the Ste Dolores meeting. It was so much fun last year.

    Anyways, hope this helps.

  2. Thank you for your comment!

  3. I'm not a lolita but I live in Montreal and I would admire you and your lolita friends though c: