April Showers

....bring May flowers.

Well I certainly hope this is the case. It's been raining constantly here in Montreal and I've felt more tired than ever. So much for summoning the willpower to get dressed up or wear Lolita.

I have been browsing through various sites though to see what's new and right now I'm particularly fond of floral and spring prints. I know, shocker! This coming from a Gothic Lolita?

Perhaps I'm morphing. Perhaps my style will evolve to encompass ALL the Lolita styles. And then some.

Just now I'm perusing Bodyline's website and I've come across this gem that would be so wonderful for spring:

I just adore the black version of this, but the pink is nice too I suppose.

Moitié's Holly Queen skirt is nice too and I rarely crave anything from that bland line:

Of course, my financial situation is still absolutely dismal and so for now I shall be purchasing...nothing.


  1. The ones from Bodyline are very beautiful. *_* I like them all. The one with the red and green is my favorite though. I think it would work well for Christmas time, too, even though it is floral. :)

  2. Love the floral ones, but epsecially like the Moitié's Holly Queen skirt because of it's simplicity and as you say not too bland. :-)