You know, I have a check right now for $1,304.55 sitting in my wallet. The problem? I can't cash it yet. It's in American dollars and if I cash it right now and have it converted to Canadian, I'm losing money. But the fact remains that I have this money.

And right now there are a lot of things all over on Bodyline and Ebay that I really really want. Take this blouse for example:

Right now, it's on sale for $15. But I don't have the money handy to buy it. And let's face it - I really want this blouse. I'm such a sucker for goth and aristocrat fashion and I have a skirt that would go perfectly with it as well.

So I've reached a standstill concerning my miniscule lolita wardrobe. I want things. I can't obtain things.

Such is life.


  1. I'm sorry for you! I can relate to having money sitting around, just waiting to be used. >.<
    I wish you luck. I'm sure it'll work out in the end. ^-^

  2. sorry to hear about the money

    lovely blouse ^^