You'd think since the arrival of spring I'd feel inclined to dress up more, but that really hasn't been the case. In fact, it seems the warmer and sunnier it gets the more I feel like staying inside with pajamas on. Which is a shame, because it's finally warm enough outside to start wearing my lolita clothing without wanting to throw a hoodie or sweater over everything.

Bodyline has a couple of new items that would be perfect for spring. Fresh light colors, delicate florals, etc etc. It's always around this time of year that I want to wear florals and muted pastels. Right now all I own involving Lolita is black, black, and some more black. I ought to expand my wardrobe a bit more once I get some funding.

Sweets and kawaii jewelry would be perfect for this time of year too, and I'm supposed to have some on the way but Canada Post really takes forever to deliver anything. Either that, or it got lost in the mail along the way. Which would totally blow.

^_^ I guess this entry was mostly just me whining about my fashion laziness and lack of money.  I promise the next entry will have either photos or some valuable content.

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