Gothic Lolita Checklist

This is my own personal gothic lolita checklist - you may find elements you agree and disagree with. Post your ammendments in the comment section!

Gothic Lolita Checklist:

~Loves all things spooky
~Enjoys graveyards and mausoleoms
~Wears cross motifs and jewelery even if not religious
~Idolizes Mana (or just his fashion)
~Believes that black lipstick is acceptable when applied correctly
~Never leaves home without a black parasol
~Strives for the palest complexion possible
~Fantasizes about a vampire aristocrat sweeping her away into the night
~Prefers black tea
~Has a collection of mini hats and creepy hairclips
~Most of her petticoats and blouses are black
~Has one Moitie print that she covets (or would like to)
~Owns a ball-jointed doll or wants one
~Reglarly curls her hair

Yeah, that's really all I could think of. My brain is not operating at full-capacity I think. Give me your ideas and perhaps I'll edit this list.


  1. Some of those sound like me, but I'm not a gothic lolita. ^^'
    Maybe I have a dark side I don't know about, lol. :p

  2. That's me too a T LOL
    You my friend, have earned yourself a fellow Canadian Loli follower <3

  3. Nice :3 Just one question: how could you desire to covet something? If you covet, you covet, LoL