New Things That I Want!

Okay, so I'm a huge fan of brands like Bodyline *le gasp!* and some of those Chinese brands like Punk Rave. So I'm going to compile a list of things (photos included) that I want from these brands and such. Who knows...you might find something in here that even you like!

Bodyline Dress: Black Bows and Ruffles
Bodyline Set: White/Cream Set
Bodyline Jumperskirt: Black Punk JSK
Bodyline Jumperskirt: Stripes!
Bodyline Blouse: Black
Bodyline Blouse: Aristocrat
Bodyline Blouse: White
Bodyline Skirt: Punk Skirt
Bodyline Skirt: Black Skirt

The next set of clothing all comes from the Ebay stores Wai1222 Collection and Little Chili Lolita Shop:

Punk Rave: Black Shirt with Bell Sleeves
Punk Rave: Velvety Blouse
Punk Rave: Black Frag Skirt
Punk Rave: Assymetrical Skirt
Punk Rave: Long Aristocrat Skirt
Rocking Horse Shoe: Black RHS with Ribbon

And so there you have it. My "current" list of items to drool over. It's really sad being a lolita with no money, because it means you can only window shop and it's heartbreaking to see an item you wanted disappear or undergo a price increase. Someday I'll have money for these things though....even if I have to acquire them piece by piece over the next year or so.


  1. ive never heard of punk rave tehei have t check it out ^^
    i love SPider and im starting to look into anne house :3

    nice complilation ^^

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