A magazine for the western lolitas?

Japan has the Gothic and Lolita Bible. Come to think, even America has that now, thanks to TokyoPop, but unless you feel like trooping down to your local bookstore and scouring the racks for it (and you might not even find it) you're out of luck.

But wait!

Some genius lolitas have put together an online magazine for western lolitas like you and me! And even better...it's free!

Here you can view western lolita style watches and see what girls around the world are wearing, get tips on how to do perfect manicures/pedicures, defending yourself as a lolita, and lots of information on where to get sweets jewelery and new clothes!

They're always looking for submissions too, so if you have a great coordinate you want others to see, why not submit it to them? Have you written an article about something lolita-related or have a great makeup tutorial? Send it to them! It's contributors like us that keep this magazine alive.


  1. Thank you for the shout out :D

    It's too bad that TokyoPop is going out of business - everyone was so excited for a Western GLB!

  2. yeah i heard tht too that there is only5 mooks and they are not out on or production :(

    nice online magazine im alrdy following :3