Goodness it's been a while since I've updated. I do apologize....but then again I don't think that many people read this blog yet anyways.

It seems that I've fallen into a style rut. I still adore the gothic lolita fashion, but I haven't really felt motivated to wear it. Let's face it...putting this stuff on can be time consuming and exhausting.

So how to lift yourself out of such a rut? Well, here's my plan:

1. Start slow - If you don't feel up to donning petticoats and stockings today, don't. Just add something cute to your normal attire. A bow in your hair, a pearl necklace, something lacey even.

2. Reaffirm your love of the skirt - this doesn't even have to be a lolita skirt. Any skirt will do at this point.

3. Style your hair and do your makeup - No need for theatre makeup either. I'm talking simple mascara and some cute lip gloss. Do this every day until it seems like a routine for you.

4. Opt for your favorite lolita dress - you're the most comfortable in this one, so this is the perfect way to ease back in.

5. Complete the look - slip your petticoat(s) underneath, add some stockings and accessories and you're good to go. By now this should feel natural...see how nice it is when you take baby steps back into something as complex as lolita?

Now I suppose I should take my own advice. And I suppose I will. But I'm going to straight to number 4 simply because there's particular dress I feel like wearing today. But I'm not going to bother with hair or makeup. I'm not leaving the house today. ^_^

Next Post: Wear to buy lolita!

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