Welcoming 2010

So, 2010 didn't start that well for me. I ushered it in with a complicated cold that kept me bedridden for a few days and then just miserable afterwards. So my apologies for not updating this blog sooner.

While I haven't worn any lolita recently, I did receive a new dress as a Christmas gift from my darling boyfriend:

It's from an Ebay store called Wai1222 Collection and they sell a nice variety of gothic and punk attire. The recently added lolita to their inventory so I thought I would check it out and added this dress for my xmas list. Low and behold, I got it.

I'm actually very impressed with the quality. Construction is great, the fabric is sturdy and comfortable and the dress even has a couple layers of netting inside for added poof. I barely need a petticoat with this thing. It's awesome!

Very soon I will take photos of me wearing this dress, but for now please make do with some photos from Thanksgiving in Minnesota. I took the time to actually curl my hair to wear with my Bodyline dress and I was very happy with results. Check it out:

You wouldn't believe how much hairspray was necessary to maintain these curls. ^_^

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and happy New Year to everyone. I wish you all the best of luck in 2010.

Now if only I could stop being sick......-_-'

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