inspired polyvores

I decided to create some lolita inspired sets using polyvore, just to see how well I could mix and match various pieces both from lolita shops and teen clothing boutiques. I think I did pretty well, actually.

Above is my gothic/punk lolita attempt and below we have a sweet lolita look, something I could actually see myself wearing:

All of the items in here are off-brand, so no actual lolita, but for an inspired look, I find it quite cute.

And for a more classic lolita type of look, voila. The above set is definitely something I could see myself wearing.

But enough of photo sets, I actually have news!

I recently came into $60 so I'm off to buy fabric in a few days. And since I already have some very loli-able patterns right here at home, I'm going to make a few things. I'll be sure to post photos once their finished and then all items will be going straight to the egl_comm_sales over on LJ, so keep a weather eye open!

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