My First Attempt

I remember when I purchased my first "gothic lolita" dress. Thinking back, I really was naive about how elitist and rigid the fashion really is. At a local goth shop here in Montreal I found a black dress that had a bell-shaped skirt and a lot of lace. I thought 'hey,this'll work!' and bought it.

I paired it with a long-sleeved lace shirt and voila! Gothic lolita, right?


I posted this photo on the daily_lolita lj community and expected to hear "Good job on your first try!" and instead received a lot of flack.

The lolita community can be a harsh place I discovered but it helps you to learn quickly the rules of the fashion.

In fact, one of my first lessons was that just because it was black it wasn't always "gothic" - that even some black items could be considered sweet lolita.

Oh yes, sweet lolita. How I both loathe and adore thee.

I think the sweet styles are truly cute, but just not for me. I can't see myself wearing pink or light blue or prints with cupcakes or fruit parfaits on them.

Classic seems appropriate though. I'm 21 years old, after all, surely I can wear full skirts in muted shades of lavender or green with a cream blouse and knee socks? But I think I'm too old for sweet.

Who knows though...perhaps I'll try it one day and we'll see.

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  1. it looks lovely, not over the top but still gorgeous!