F+F Elegant Chiffon OP - coordinated!

I finally got around to putting something together for this dress - I ended up pairing it with my English tea hat featuring birds and flowers, and a pair of checker patterned OTKs. I wore a simple pair of patent black heels and a pearl necklace. Pretty simple, but I think the dress itself is a statement piece and I don't want to over do it, you know?

Any other ideas for this?


F+F Unpacking and Review!

I placed an order with Fanplusfriend a month ago to order a lovely OP that was on sale so as to have a new item in time for a Lolita fashion show I'm participating in. The dress made me to my specs, so it's a custom fit. It arrived today, let's go!

The package came via DHL but Speedee had a hand in the final delivery. Everything was in tact in those plastic bags that are absolutely impossible to open without scissors.

What be this?! Looks like more than just a dress in here...

Well, would you look at that? I got some free gifts. A drawstring tote bag with the brand name and some pretty art, as well as a simple but cute headband.

I'd heard recently that some people who had ordered custom items from F+F were getting some small accessories as gifts with their order, but I was genuinely surprised to receive something as well.

For the piece de resistance - we have the dress itself.The fabric is super soft and drapes nicely, just like advertised. I haven't worn it yet, but as soon as I play around with coordinating, I'll post more photos.

Ah, black never photographs well!

Customer Service: They were super prompt about processing payment and asking for further clarification on measurements.

Shipping: Arrived timely, in one piece.

Construction/Quality: Pretty excellent, if I say so myself. I'm happy with it.


Closet Purge....Lolita's on the chopping block.

Well it's the new year, so I've gotten serious about cleaning out my closet (and my life, but that's a whole other post!) and I decided that I would include some Lolita in this purge. But honestly, I wasn't sure what exactly to do with the stuff I'd like to purge.

So why not give it away!?

There are a lot of newbs in the local community that could probably use some nice stuff - even if it IS only handmade and Bodyline.

Still, going through my crammed section of Lolita goods and deciding what stays or goes is a very painful process. But I have settled on a few pieces that definitely need to go.

I've got three Bodyline dresses and one handmade JSK ready for donation, along with a skirt/cape set, a handmade skirt, and a vintage offbrand blouse. I've also got some headbands and such to give away, if anyone wants them.

Now, I'm only doing a local giveaway because I don't have the funds for shipping anything out nor do I have adequate transportation to drive to meetups. If people are interested, they'll have to come and take a look at it themselves. Capiche? Awesome...

Anyways,...I made this post because I'm committing to this act no matter how stressful or painful it is. So yeah...


Whatever Happened to Ero-Lolita?

Earlier this evening, a lovely girl posted a photo of her Lolita outfit on a Facebook Community and INSTANTLY started receiving a lot of flack for it, even though it was well coordinated and an interesting take on....Ero Lolita.

To see the photo, follow this link: Here

It had some issues sure, like the shoes were more Sweet style and I wasn't sure about the flower crown on her head, but instead of either politely leaving con-crit which she didn't really ask for anyways or refraining from passing judgement, the comment section dissolved into an all out war about the legitimate existence of Ero Lolita in the community and those that didn't believe in it descended into slut shaming.

Now that's something that I never thought would happen inside the Lolita community, but I guess you introduce the oft-ignored Ero sub-style and people lose their minds.

So, is Ero Lolita a legitimate sub-style of the Lolita fashion?

My answer is yes and here's why: Plenty of big name Lolita brands release items that are definitely more "sexy" in bent. Pastel pink under bust corsets, anyone? Salopettes, even? Bird cage skirts....come on!

Singer and Lolita Kana's coordinates were often of a more sexy variety.

And plenty of Mana's early outfits definitely had an erotic undertone, he was infamous for giant platform shoes, shorter skirts, and a variety of PVC and fishnet. So it might be an old school sub-style but that in no way denies it's current existence.

The more western take on Ero Lolita was seen by the use of blouse and bloomers to make up the "erotic" part, but that bordered pretty heavily on Burlesque with a touch of Dandy. Arguably not Lolita at all, but given that the nature of fashion is one of change, it's really hard to pin down for certain whether that take should be considered Lolita still.

A matter of personal opinion, I suppose.

I think much of the backlash against the Ero style comes from so many years of trying to make those outside of Lolita realize and accept that the style is not a fetish, not really meant to be sexy, and certainly not a costume. I believe they feel having a less "dressed" sub-style undermines those efforts, but that's just silly.

So what do you think? Is Ero Lolita an acceptable style of Lolita fashion as a whole or should it be considered something else? And should ANYONE be shamed for choosing to wear it?