Holiday Sales!~

❄If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet, don't forget to check out my Storenvy - Castle by the Sea! I still have a lot of great items up that would be perfect to supplement any mori kei, natural kei, edgy, or Gothic wardrobe. Have a look! ❄



Autumnal Asks -stolen from tumblr!

  • 🍁 crunchy leaves:what's your favorite noise/sound to hear?
~ The sounds of leaves as they fall from the trees, the crunch of them underneath my boots, rain pattering against the window, wind whipping around the house...
  • ❄ chilly air:are you a warm weather or cold weather person?
~I've always been a cooler weather person. I'd rather layer up with lots of snuggle clothing than have to sit nearly naked during the sweltering summer months.
  • ☁ misty mornings:what time do you wake up? What for?
~ It varies quite a bit these days, since I'm in between jobs. Hopefully soon I'll be waking up early again to commute to a new job! 
  • πŸ‘• oversized sweaters:what sweater weather outfit are you looking forward to wearing? (Bonus if pictured)
  • πŸŽƒ carved pumpkins:what holidays (popular or pagan) are you celebrating this fall?
~ Halloween/Samhain for sure. Thanksgiving. I kind of forgot about Mabon....
  • πŸ‘» ghost stories:what books are you reading, how are they?
~ I'm currently working through some poetry books with paranormal and ghost themes. Perfect for the season.
  • ☕ hot coffee:what's your drink this fall?
~ Caribou Coffee's Pumpkin White Mocha. Blows Starbucks out of the water...
  • πŸ‘ cold hands:anyone to hold them?
~ Sure. My s.o.
  • πŸ’€ spooky shadows:any increased spiritual activity?
~ None that I've noticed around me, but I've been too stressed and disconnected these days to really experience the ghostie-goos.
  • 🍎 apple pie:what's cooking? (Or planned to cook?)
~ I really want to make some of those Pilsbury Halloween cookies.
  • πŸ”₯ scented candles:5 favorite smells
~ Cinnamon, Vanilla, Lavender, Sage, and Pumpkin.
  • ☔ hurricanes:what do you do on rainy days?
~ Try to plug the leak that exists in our main window. For real. That or read some of those spooky poems.
  • 🌱cinnamon:what are your favorite spices?
~ Nutmeg and allspice are great. Garlic is a staple.
  • πŸ‚haunted hayrides:do you see your friends over the summer or do you have to wait till fall?
~ Bahahahahaaaa! What friends? For real tho.....
  • πŸ‘Ί monster masks:what's your makeup/morning routine?
~ Rinse face with water, matte-ifying moisturiser, make my hair look less stupid.
  • 🐱 black cat:what pets do you have/want?
~ Always black cats. Need to acquire a new one soon.

Tag your friends, pass this on, and keep the spooky vibes flowing!~


New Items On Storenvy!

Four New Items that were added yesterday - a never worn EGA skirt from Bodyline, a lovely shimmery gown nicked from Goodwill and perfect for your woodland faery photoshoots. A lovely soft blue maxi dress that reminds me a warm summer day on the beach, and this edgy but cozy faux fur bolero-style jacket.

There's more that's been added today and more to come!  

All skirts listed are perfect for spring and at really low prices - get 'em while you can! 

Plenty of great tops for spring and summer as well - great for layering or wearing on their own, depending on the weather! 

Find everything here at CASTLE BY THE SEA


Mori Kei, Natural Kei, and Hama Kei for summer...

I've really been feeling the whole look and vibe of Mori Kei and especially Hama Kei for the coming summer months. The idea of loose and airy clothing in lighter colors is not a new trend for the hotter part of the year, but it's always fun to work with different looks and layering techniques.

I currently have a lot of items for sale on my storenvy that I think would be perfect for a Mori and Hama kei looks this summer: http://castlebyth3sea.storenvy.com/

This piece is a loosely crocheted top in a nice cream color and I think would be perfect for layering over a green or blue maxi dress. That's how I'd wear it anyways, but I'm sure it'd pair up just as nicely over a tank top and shorts - the top reminds me of the color of sad and the texture like that of a fishermen's net.

This is currently selling for $12 but prices are always fluctuating as things go on sale. HERE

This white peasant style dress is made of a soft cotton fabric with a gathered neckline and elastic at the 3/4 length sleeves. It has a very 'boho' vibe, even though I hesitate to use that word, but would look fantastic with some chunky summer jewelry and really neat sandals. On the flip-side, I can totally see the dress being worn by a Gothic Romance novel heroine as she stands on a rocky crag, shawl draped precariously around her shoulders and long hair blowing wildly in the ocean wind.....

Going for $15.00, but also subject to change. Things will definitely go on sale in this category as we get closer to summer. HERE

Most of my Mori and Hama Kei line can be found HERE and HERE on my site. Right now, every order comes with a free surprise gift, something that will compliment your order, so it's a great time to buy!


Lolita items on Castle by the Sea!

Well, I finally caved. I didn't want to put up most of my Lolita wardrobe to sell, but it's become quite apparent that I will simply not have room for all of it in the truck. That's where you lucky readers come in - everything that I'm getting rid of will be available on my Storenvy to purchase. Right now I've got Bodyline's card dress listed, as well as an off-brand OP, a really cute pinafore that made me cringe to list, and some handmade stuff. Have a look for yourself, if you're interested in any of it - I ship internationally!