Anime Review: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Affectionately titled in English: My Little Monster

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is a short, 13 episode series based off a manga of the same name, which features our study-bug protagonist Shizuku Mizutani and her unruly classroom seatmate, Haru Yoshida. Nicknamed "Dry Ice" by her classmates for being unemotional and focused solely on her grades, she has the misfortune of being selected to drop off homework printouts for her perpetually absent seatmate, Haru, who is a wild teen boy with no friends and no trust for the school system. By some stroke of fate, Haru decides that Shizuku is now his best friend and takes up following her around and looking after her.

Overall, what you get with My Little Monster is your typical slice-of-life high school romance. It follows all the well-known tropes:

~ Studious and somewhat boring female protagonist with no friends
~ Wild and carefree teen love interest that spurs new and blossoming feelings in our protag.
~ This love interest has a tragic back story only mildly hinted at in the anime.
~ Protag and her love interest collect new and interesting friends along the way.
~ Rival love interests on both sides create confusion and tension.
~All is resolved outside of the series, so read the manga kids!

I'm not going to lie, these types of anime are my guilty pleasure. And why not? A high school career infinitely more exciting than mine was, interesting and complicated friends that actually care about each other, and a well-crafted bishounen with a wild streak.

Overall, I would give this one a ★/☆.


Inspiration for Spring: Mori Girl

Mori Girl is often regarded as an ideal style for the cooler autumn months, but if you live in a Humid Continental climate like I do, you know that spring has its fair share of chilly days, especially in the morning. This is where the various layers of a Mori Girl ensemble might come in handy, provided of course you can shed a few layers late in the day and still look cute.

So here are some ideas for how to dress like a forest fairy during the wet days of March and April:

1. Choose base pieces that feature a lot of contrasting bits - like floral on solid colors or lace, then layer less! 

2. Consider "sheer" textures - like lacy boleros and shawls.

3. Stick with lighter shades - soft greens, muted pinks, and creams as opposed to darker greens or brown.

4. Play with patterns, like polka dots or stripes.

5. Tie your hair up into something kind of playful or messy, or just plop a big floppy hat on your head and call it done. 


Springing Forth into Casual Sweet Style

I know, I know, that this post comes literally on the heels of me "giving up" Lolita, but as I was cleaning out my closet yesterday I came across this dress once more and simply had to throw it on. It kind of spiraled down from there and I blossomed into a full-blown coordinate. Once in a while, I don't mind this sort of thing I guess...


Life Update!

Dear readers,

I must apologize, it's been quite a while since I've meandered into this blog and gifted you all with an update. But life in the non-virtual realm has been hectic and screwed up, hence the radio silence.

Thing the first, I'm moving out of my family home. I feel that it's a bit of a tense environment for me and my tiny hometown offers very little in the way of opportunities, so I'm creeping closer to the metro area and shacking up in my uncle's house. He has a spare bedroom that he's offered me.

Thing the second, I may or may not have a love interest of the male persuasion, so I've been spending some time with him. Not going to lie, having this dude around has done wonders for my mental state, I no longer feel frequently suicidal and insane.

Thing the third, I'm going to be selling off most of my Lolita wardrobe because a) I need the freakin' money and b) I don't think Lolita really suits me and my personality that much anymore. It's kind of a throwback to much more trying times and that's an era of my life I'd like to put behind me.

So I will be restructuring this blog a bit - I'm still a HUGE alternative fashion enthusiast and I WILL continue to post fashion and outfit related content on this blog, but I wanted to give you all a head's up in case you were really only here for the Lolita stuff.

Again, I apologize for the lack of content and ask that you bear with me while I continue to get my life sorted out. :)

Also, have a selfie!